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About TBO

We founded TheBlackOutdoors in order to fill what we saw as a void in our community. Through countless experiences, we noticed a lack of representation and participation of people of color in outdoor recreation. When you see something you don't like, do something about it!

Exposure, awareness, and inspiration are the keys to success when attempting to bridge a gap. TBO seeks to ignite your passion for recreation and adventure by highlighting folks who look like you doing dope, new things. We hope that we can show you that being outdoors is more than hiking. Natural wonder often lies right in our backyard, waiting to be explored.

As you browse the site, you'll find tips and tricks for navigating the outdoors, recommendations and reviews on places to visit, information about what kinds of gear you might need, and stories from people just like you who have decided to #EmbraceTheEscape! 

Our Mission

The mission of TheBlackOutdoors is simple - increase awareness of and participation in outdoor recreational activity amongst black people and other underrepresented groups. Exposure is KEY in helping others to develop interest in the natural world and all that it has to offer. By sharing our stories and highlighting yours, we hope to inspire your next (or first!) lazy Saturday hike or cross-country adventure.

While we focus on ensuring that people of color have knowledge of outdoor recreation and access to nature, we welcome with open arms any and everyone who believes in our mission! Please reach out to find out how you can help! 


Meet The Founders



An original ATLien, Tramond loves being outdoors, meeting and inspiring people, and having a good time. He discovered his love for nature and outdoor recreation after completing a geophysical field course in South Africa as an undergrad at Fort Valley State University. His experiences there led him to pursue a career in Geology, earning a Bachelor's and Master's in Geosciences from Penn State University. He currently resides in New Orleans and takes every opportunity he can to travel, get outdoors, and motivate you to do the same!



Eze, born of Nigerian immigrants, spent his childhood in New Jersey. He studied Health Policy & Administration at Penn State University,  which led to him working for one of the largest not-for-profit long-term care providers in the country as a Nursing Home Administrator. In the past few years, Eze has called Minnesota and Arizona, two states with endless opportunities for outdoor activity, home. Thru his travels, Eze identified a void - the lack of representation of people of color in nature - that he had a yearning to fill. Now a resident of Washington DC, Eze continues to seek opportunities to explore the outdoors!